Important information you need to know before ordering your custom t-shirts in Australia

Important information you need to know before ordering your custom t-shirts in Australia

Are you thinking of getting a custom t-shirt in Australia? If so, you are making the right choice. Whether you are ordering them for a weekend getaway with your family or friends, for your company’s event or as giveaways, you must take enough time before placing your order to make sure your money will not be put to waste.

Below is important information you need to mull over before exchanging your hard-earned money with custom t-shirts:

What do you need t-shirts for?

You might think it is stupid but asking yourself why you need custom t-shirts is important in determining what kind of t-shirt style and design you would consider. Think about who will wear them, where, why, and what will they do while wearing it. Like:

  • If you are buying for people who are designated to distribute flyers, think visibility and consider huge designs, bright coloured t-shirts and the like. And since they will only be worn for a couple of times, cheaper t-shirt options are a good idea
  • If you are ordering t-shirts to give away to your most precious customers or soon to be customers, make your custom t-shirt nice and comfortable to wear regularly. This is a good way to make these people advertise your business for free
  • If the custom t-shirts are for your employees, a coffee shop, for instance, make sure your business logo is printed on it and highly visible.  You may also want to consider a black shirt, so coffee stains are hidden

How many pieces of t-shirt do you need?

 It is very disappointing to find out that you ordered less than what you need the same as when you ordered more than what you need. As much as possible, get the exact headcount of the people who will be wearing the t-shirts and also, never get just one size, as it does not fit all. Ask each of the receivers of the size they want.

If the custom t-shirt is to promote a business, giveaways etc., ordering more is okay, anyway, it is always cheaper in bulk.


Sure, the design of the t-shirt matters a lot. It is highly recommended that you collaborate with professional designers to ensure that the design of your t-shirt will stand out. Some of the things you need to know about the design are:

  • The lesser the colour, the cheaper the t-shirt would get
  • Make it clear, make it visible, and make it bold
  • Always consider the message you want to send across are sent in a very clear manner


The price may set the quality of custom t-shirt you will receive, from the printing to the quality of the t-shirt and more. If the custom t-shirts are for long term use, employees uniform for instance, it is best to invest inexpensive t-shirts, but if it is just for one time use, you may want to consider cheaper t-shirts.

Also, be aware that well-known custom t-shirt businesses in Australia sell their items at more expensive rates.

The information provided above can help you a lot in finding the best
custom t shirts printing in Australia to order.

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