How to Choose the Right Shoes for Lawn Bowls?

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Lawn Bowls?

Looking for the right pair of lawn bowls shoes? Don’t fret. If you are a novice and about to buy your first pair of lawn bowls shoes you are at the right place. These shoes should only be bought after doing some research and making sure that you buy the right size to improve your game. Most of the people complain of back pain while playing any sort of field game. This is because there shoes lack shock absorbers and when they start playing, the vibrations move from their feet up their legs and all the away to their back. This is why it’s crucial to buy the right kind of shoes which can actually make you comfortable while you play your favorite game.

There are loads of bowls trainers in the market these days. However, the best ones tend to be on the expensive side. While some people might consider buying shoes which cost less, but it should be kept in mind that good quality shoes which last are always going to be expensive. So make sure that you buy shoes which have been mentioned in the list of approved shoes by the lawn bowl club in your area.

Do consider the following factors before you buy your first pair of shoes for lawn bowls:

  • There is a whole lot of variety of lawn bowl shoes available out there. You can either choose from the traditional lace up tan footwear which symbolized the game of lawn bowls for decades or you may want to invest in basic comfy trainer. It all comes down to what you actually prefer.
  • There is also a great deal of choice when it comes to colors. While there are people who still prefer wearing brown on the field, there is also an option of choosing shoes which are either grey or white. However before setting with the more colorful options it is always best to checkout with the uniform restriction which your club might have. Not consenting with the policy might make it difficult or you to attend games.
  • Do choose a pair of shoes which not only looks good but provides comfort at the same time. The right shoes would offer flexibility and support and help make you play better. Light weight shoes are easy on the feet plus these can keep you feeling buoyed up. Do try on three or four pairs before making a choice.
  • Lace up shoes normally offer a good fit because the lace can be tightened and loosened to suit your foot size. While slips-ons have their own set of benefits, people normally select shoes based on their personal choices. Velcro shoes are a good option too. While these provide the comfort of a lip on, these also offer the adjustment provided by lace ups.
  • Always choose shoes which you feel most comfortable playing with. Choose shoes which come in your budget.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you find the right shoes for lawn bowls.

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